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Clar (pronounced like Clark but without the 'k') is short for Clarisse (named after Jodie Foster's character in The Silence of the Lambs).

Clar was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia and is an illustrator and animator with a passion for storytelling. She draws inspiration from stories, good food, and wholesome people.

When she isn't working on a new story or sketching people at cafes, she could be found indulging in wine and cheese or listening to true crime comedy podcasts.


Adobe Awards | Adobe Student Spotlight Live-Stream | The New York Times | The Society of Illustrators of LAArt Prof | BooklynDigital Commons @ RISD | Our RISD | Brown Daily Herald | Brown Political Review 


Adobe Awards Top Talent (Illustration, Motion Graphics + Animation) 2019

Baker & Whitehill Student Artists’ Book Grand Prize 2019

The Society of Illustrators LA 56th Annual Illustration Competition 2017


(+1) 857 559 3075





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